Things that you should know before driving in Malta

Things that you should know before driving in Malta

Lately, I have been telling myself that I needed some more challenges in my life. Last week I visited Malta and I had to drive on the left side. Now I am sure: I’ve had enough challenges in my life.

What you should know before driving a car in Malta

Google Maps doesn’t recognise one-way roads

However, it does recognise that there is a street. Basically, every ten minutes this happens:

  1. You start the turn signal to the right
  2. You check all around you if there is any car coming
  3. You get crazy because, even after three days, you don’t manage to get used to the left side
  4. You check for the third time if there is any car coming
  5. Luckily, Malta is really quiet so there are no cars coming
  6. You decide to turn
  7. You are in the middle of the street
  8. Daaaamn, I can’t turn right here!

Google Maps doesn’t recognise any other road sign

U-turn prohibition? Keep straight ahead only? Pedestrian zone? All things unknown to Google.

The roundabouts are the funniest game ever

Google Maps’ lady: “At the roundabout, take the second exit to Valletta

Me: “Interesting, the exit to Valletta is the third one. So, should I take the second one or should I take direction Valletta?

Google Maps’ lady never answered my questions and this was quite annoying. However, after five days in this situation, I can tell you that the name of the direction is usually the right instruction.

Despite everything, I survived

Not only I survived until the end of the week but I also saved the 500 EUR deposit.

A 80 years old woman honked at me because I was going too slow. But this is another story.

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