What I am learning while living in The Netherlands

What I am learning while living in The Netherlands

It has been more than one year that I am living in The Netherlands. An intense year. Many things have changed in my life and many other will come. During this year, the Dutches and the expats living here taught me a lot. I like to observe people, their behaviour and their way of living. And, every time I realise something amazing, I try to learn from it and to convert it into a personal habit.


Ask questions, tell your opinion

I have never been really self-confident. I have always thought that my opinion is less smart than many others. I have always thought that – answering only ‘Yes‘ to people –  would help getting over things easier.

Actually, growing up in Italy doesn’t help much. At school, learning means remembering by heart some stuff that you read on the books. At the university, lectures often expect a one-way communication. On most workplaces, rules are already set and – if you try to suggest something different – you can’t be sure that they will still like you.

I still remember the shock I had when, after a few days of a traineeship in a Dutch startup, I got this feedback: ‘You are doing good but you should tell us what you think. Stop just nodding at us‘.


The bad weather doesn’t exist. Only bad clothes

Sometimes, weather sucks. Well, it always sucks. Sometimes, more than usual.

Who cares… some good clothes, a rain jacket and your rain trousers will always be your best friends. They will save you from anything.


You can find the time to work and also to enjoy life

You work 40 hours a week? You have time and money to do your nice brunch on Sunday. You can avoid to cook on Friday evening and, instead, spending some good time with your friends and the restaurant. Or drinking beers.

It’s April, the sun is shining and there are at least 20 degrees outside? It’s time to call on sick and relax at the beach. You will never know if you’ll get a second chance during this season.

Travelling? Of course. Don’t even think it is possible to stay home if you have more than 3 days off.


Each problem is not a problem. There is always a solution

Relax. You can’t go back. Probably, it’s not even your fault. If there is a problem, there is also a solution for it. And, if you don’t panic, you can find it quicker and easier.

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